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First things first.
Optimise your planning process

Support your dispatchers throughout the entire ticketing flow and reduce up to 80% in planning time. Start optimising your scheduling processes because perfect planning guarantees succesful execution!

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Movetex planning software

Simplify and optimise complex scheduling

Mobile workforce management Manage your field technicians and subcontractors with a single platform that combines all the key information.

Work order management Define customer types, job requirements and scheduling rules for (recurring) jobs that ensure SLA compliance.

Intelligent scheduling Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling. Support your dispatchers with best proposals for appointments and easily fill empty slots.

AI-based scheduling Automate scheduling. Optimise continuously with our powerful scheduling engine and reduce operating costs.

Workflow automation Avoid mistakes and never miss appointments by automating important work flows.

Dispatcher-friendly tools Make life easy for dispatchers and operational planning hassle-free.

Mobile workforce management

  • Set up work schedules
  • Manage the availability of your technicians
  • Get an easy overview of every start & stop location
  • Map the individual skills of your technicians (e.g. certifications, social, language, ...)
  • Define the various regions technicians are active in 
  • Keep subcontractors and internal employees apart
  • Receive a detailed cost breakdown from your field team

Work order management

  • Specify job requirements such as time windows, closing days, skills, duration, due date, priority and much more
  • Define different customer types and related expectations
  • Classify your jobs
  • Manage your recurring jobs and service contracts to ensure SLA compliance 
  • Automate region based requirements (e.g. LEZ)
  • Easily attach documents and job information to a work order

Intelligent scheduling

  • Easily match jobs to available and qualified workers
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling in calendar, map and/or Gantt chart
  • Gain time and money by scheduling with advanced best proposals
  • Fill open time blocks or shifts efficiently with the best-fitting appointments
  • Stay up to date with automated warnings when due dates are nearing or when deadlines are neglected

AI-based scheduling

  • Save time and schedule multiple jobs in bulk, while keeping efficiency in mind
  • Automatically optimise your daily schedules before dispatch. Save money by avoiding unnecessary kilometres
  • Optimize scheduling based on your business objectives such as efficiency, ecological footprint, customer needs, ... 
  • Jobs are continuously optimised, without violating constraints
  • Effortlessly plan your recurring jobs thanks to the AI algorithms
  • Spend less time in traffic thanks to route optimisation

Workflow automation

  • Define ticket life cycle and automate scheduling according to statuses (e.g. on hold, planning pending, planning approved, finished, etc.)
  • Dispatch jobs to your field team in one single click
  • Automatically communicate appointments or planning proposals to your customers
  • Get notified instantly when jobs are interrupted or skipped and schedule a follow-up appointment easily
  • Don't worry about scheduling recurring jobs on time

Dispatcher-friendly tools

  • Manage planned and open work orders at a glance in our ticket pool
  • Freeze a ticket for other colleagues while working on it and avoid double work 
  • Never miss tasks to be done with your personal clipboard (incl. reminders)
  • Get automatic warnings when due dates are getting critical or constraints are violated

Movetex Services offers more… much more!

Mobile Workforce App Boost productivity by providing technicians with all the necessary tools in our mobile workforce app. Give dispatchers an overview with live tracking and ticket feedback. Discover

Customer Portal Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Clear communication flows, customer portal, track-and-trace, proof of service,… it's all there. Discover

Software Integrations Integrate your existing ERP, CRM or other tools with our planning software to avoid double work and enhance your efficiency of working. Discover