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Manage work orders digitally and streamline processes

Pen and paper are definitely a thing of the past. Digitizing work orders brings speed and reduces errors. As a result, you can optimize the associated processes, making the creation, management, assignment, execution, and processing of work orders much more efficient.  

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Movetex planning software

Manage work orders and processes from start to finish

Create work orders Generate work orders manually or automatically and manage all data and processes from start to finish in one central place.

Schedule work orders Utilize all the information on the work order to automatically assign the right technician to the right job, maximizing cost-efficiency. 

Execute work orders Enhance field service productivity by providing technicians with all necessary information and allowing them to digitally fill in work orders. 

Process work orders Completed tasks and work orders are seamlessly integrated into the planning software, allowing real-time tracking and monitoring.

Create work orders

  • Create work orders manually or automatically via API integration with your preferred management software.
  • Set customer type or job type with relevant parameters.
  • Manage essential planning data, including location, duration, deadlines, time windows, priority, required skills, and more.
  • Add crucial information for field service teams, such as comments, instructions, order lines, and files.
  • Manage contact information for effective communication with customers.

Schedule work orders

  • Receive software-generated optimal scheduling proposals for each work order, ensuring all requirements are met.
  • Efficiently schedule multiple work orders at once, minimizing costs.
  • Handle dynamic scheduling and easily accommodate illnesses or last-minute changes.
  • Request the best additional work orders for technicians to fill their day.
  • More information about scheduling features can be found here.
  • Communicate appointments with customers intelligently and effortlessly. More information about our communication features can be found here.

Werkbonnen uitvoeren

  • Instantly send schedules and work orders to your field technicians' tablets or smartphones.
  • Provide field service teams with all relevant information, including task details, customer information, contact details, manuals, and instructions.
  • Gather real-time feedback from the field, such as time tracking, feedback forms, photos, signatures, and material consumption, which automatically updates the work order.
  • Handle last-minute changes by immediately sending adjusted schedules and corresponding work orders to the appropriate technicians.
  • More information about the Mobile Workforce App can be found here.

Process work orders

  • Monitor technicians and their progress live at any moment, receiving real-time feedback.
  • Provide customers with automatic proof of completed tasks.
  • Utilize APIs to transfer execution data to your management system. More information about integrations can be found here.

Movetex Services offers more… much more!

Smart Planning Support your dispatchers throughout the entire ticketing flow and save a bunch of time. Start optimising your scheduling processes to lower operational costs. Discover

Mobile Workforce App Boost productivity by providing technicians with all the necessary tools in our mobile workforce app. Give dispatchers an overview with live tracking and ticket feedback. Discover

Customer Portal Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Clear communication flows, customer portal, track-and-trace, proof of service,… it's all there. Discover