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Scheduling the 

mobile workforce

A single software platform for all your field service activities. Enjoy automated and optimised schedules & planning of your work orders. And boost your customer satisfaction. 

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Schedule. Execute. Engage. Integrate.

Schedule your work orders

Support your dispatchers throughout the entire ticketing flow and reduce up to 80% in planning time. Start optimising your scheduling processes because perfect planning of work orders guarantees succesful execution!

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Movetex planning software

Execute your assignments

Provide field teams with schedules and work orders with all the necessary information and tools and execute each appointment efficiently. Give dispatchers overview with live tracking and ticket feedback.

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Movetex planning software

Engage your customers

Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Clear communication flows, customer portal, track-and-trace, proof of service,… it's all there. Because happy customers are loyal customers.

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Movetex planning software

Grow your business with Movetex Services

Plan 8x faster Schedule jobs in minutes and free up time to provide exceptional customer service.

Boost productivity Reduce your mileage by 30% and get more jobs done at the lowest possible cost.

No more mistakes Appoint the right technician, at the right place, at the right time.

Delight your customers Meet your customers’ needs and provide excellent customer communication.

Relieve back office Bring down the number of incoming customer calls by 90% and start working paperless.

Capture experience Catch absences by digitising the know-how of dispatchers and technicians.

Some of our customers

Franky Fresh Food
Asbest Checker
Vastgoed Experts
Cibor Groep
Elektro Loeters
Fitness King
Flex Delivery
Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

Discover why our customers choose Movetex

How ECCA saves 19% in transport costs daily with Movetex Deliveries.

B2B Field services

How FitnessKing schedules appointments with 80% fewer phone calls

B2C Field services

De Lift is growing at a rapid pace and has more than 100 employees on the road daily

B2B Field services

85% of all companies with field technicians can improve productivity

Choose your sector below and discover how Movetex Services has guided a diverse range of companies through their planning processes transformation. After all, we understand your business. And we know that every business type requires the right set of tools.

Maintenance & repair companies

As a manufacturer or specialized service provider, you want to keep assets at your customers’ site functioning properly. Avoid breakdowns with preventive maintenance, schedule the right technicians for repairs and intervene immediately in case of urgent interventions.

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Inspection & detection companies

As a testing, inspection, detection or certification company you examinate systems, property and products at your customers' locations. Schedule qualified inspectors and technicians, in the blink of an eye and at the lowest possible operational costs.

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Expertise companies

Whether your field service consists of IT specialists, claims adjusters, sample takers or other experts, they have to perform several jobs per day in different places. Dispatch the right skill for the right job, in the blink of an eye and at the lowest possible operational costs.

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Installation companies

When providing installation services and after-sales support for residential, commercial and industrial properties, appropriately managing technician schedules and customer communication is vital. Take this to the next level and turn it into a competitive advantage.

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Facility management

When providing maintenance tasks or other facility services for companies and organisations, appropriately managing your frontline workers’ schedules is vital.  Simplify and optimise scheduling, including automation of recurring jobs, and easily deal with last-minute changes.

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Home services

Whether your business is home care, real estate services, cleaning, gardening, pest control or other on-demand home services, you send mobile employees or subcontractors to multiple homes throughout the day. Make scheduling effortless and efficient while delivering a stellar customer experience.

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No worries.
You’re in good company.

Patrick Peeters

“Every single day, we succeed in scheduling our 50 technicians efficiently. The FSM-solutions that Movetex provides make sure this is done dynamicly, taking into account the customer demands, technicians’ skills and kilometres.”

Patrick PeetersCEO - Cibor

Arne Vandenberghe

“Thanks to Movetex's handy 'mobile workforce app', our lift technicians collect all technical documentation, feedback forms and time records easily and efficiently in one place.”

Arne VandenbergheCEO - De Lift

Nikolas Van der Veken

“Delivering and maintaining our fitness equipment requires high-performance communication with our customers. Movetex's 'customer portal' streamlines this process from A to Z.”

Nikolas Van der VekenCEO - FitnessKing