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PLAN Essential

Smart Planning

Support your dispatchers throughout the entire ticketing flow and save a bunch of time. Start optimising your scheduling processes to lower operational costs.

  • Mobile Workforce Management Manage your field technicians and subcontractors with a single platform that combines all the key information.
  • Work Order Management Define customer types, job requirements and scheduling rules for (recurring) jobs that ensure SLA compliance. 
  • Intelligent Scheduling Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling. Support your dispatchers with best proposals for appointments and easily fill empty slots. 
  • AI-based Scheduling Optimise continuously with our powerful scheduling engine and reduce operating costs. 
  • Workflow Automation Avoid mistakes and never miss appointments by automating important work flows. 
  • Dispatcher-friendly Tools Make life easy for dispatchers and operational planning hassle-free. 
  • File import & export Get a jump start: upload your own data files and start scheduling like a pro asap. Easily export the optimized schedules and job feedback.
  • Open API for developers Easily sync your systems with Movetex Services. An easy-to-use API allows end-to-end integration with any business platform. 
  • Out of the box integrations Activate our pre-built tools and complete the experience. These integrations in our standard product are still growing daily.

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Mobile Workforce App

Boost productivity by providing technicians with all the necessary tools in our mobile workforce app. Give dispatchers an overview with live tracking and ticket feedback.

  • Streamlined Execution Keep mobile workers and back office connected. Instantly send schedules and updates on the devices they prefer. 
  • Technician's Digital Office Navigation, task lists, documents, customer and job details make it easier for your mobile teams to do their jobs. 
  • Paperless Data Capturing Capture all the field data you need. Sync to your back office instantly and avoid waiting for cumbersome paperwork. 
  • Live Tracking Dispatchers always know where your mobile teams are and when work is delivered, so they can preempt challenges before they occur. 
  • Last Minute Changes Technicians can request extra jobs or dispatchers can make last minute changes, immediately visible in the app. 
  • Proof of Service Automatically generate and send a job summary with all execution details after the job is done and prevent customer inquiries.

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Customer Portal

Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Clear communication flows, customer portal, track-and-trace, proof of service,… it's all there.

  • Customer Notifications Send automatic SMS and email notifications. Inform your customers about ETAs and let them know when you’re on the way.
  • Live Tracking Never let customers wait for you by sending them a link to track the technician’s location and progress in real time. 
  • Proof of Service Automatically send service summaries to customers when the service is completed to reduce incoming customer queries. 
  • Messaging and Feedback Engage with customers by letting them send messages, feedback and ratings to your mobile team or back office. 
  • Service Scheduling Options Make customer contact fast and efficient. Let customers accept or reject proposed appointments online. 
  • Tailor-made Customer Portal You choose the functionalities. Customize your portal to your company’s look and feel so you can provide a stellar customer experience.

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