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Ready, set, integrate!
Link all your daily systems

Whatever the CRM, ERP or other software tool you use in your company, Movetex Deliveries can be linked directly and hassle-free. Start automating data transfers between systems that drive your business today!

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Movetex planning software

Bring your daily software systems together

File import & exports Get a jump start: upload your own data files and start route planning like a pro asap. Easily export the optimised routes and feedback

Open API Easily sync your systems with Movetex Deliveries. An easy-to-use API allows end-to-end integration with any business platform

Out of the box integrations Activate our pre-built tools and complete the experience. These integrations in our standard product are still growing daily

File import & exports

  • Upload delivery orders in bulk from your own CSV or Excel file.
  • Multiple drop parameters supported.
  • Built-in import data quality checks (e.g. address confidence).
  • Easily export customised reports on planning and execution with our report builder.
  • Tailor-made import & export with any platform possible.


Open API

  • No more cutting and pasting: easily sync your systems.
  • Developed with an API-mindset (robust, rich and secure).
  • No redundancies or duplications of work, thus gain speed with less errors.
  • Version control ensures backwards compatibility.
  • Our API's are fully documented so your developers can start right away.
  • Tailor-made integration of your API possible.

Out of the box integrations

  • Office 365 Outlook: send emails directly from your own Office account.
  • Any other IMAP integration: send emails directly from your own IMAP account (e.g. Gmail).
  • Office 365 Exchange Calendar: automatically place deliveries with all information in the agenda of your driver.
  • Microsoft SharePoint: automatically save all documents (e-signatures, Proof of Delivery, checklists,...) in SharePoint. This history creates a powerful knowledge base that allows for improved efficiency in the future.

Movetex Deliveries offers more… much more!

Smart Planning Plan optimized routes in minutes and save a bunch of time. Maximize your fleet capacity, reduce mileage by 30% and scale your delivery operations.  Discover

Mobile Driver App Provide drivers with all the necessary information and tools to deliver efficiently. Give back office overview with live tracking and real-time feedback.  Discover

Customer Portal Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Automated communication, track-and-trace, proof of delivery,… it's all there. Discover