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Our core module and add-ons.

Smart Planning is the heart of our software, above that you can expand our software with one or more add-ons. Discover below the different features 👇

Core module

Smart Planning 

Plan optimized routes with the support of smart algorithms and reduce up to 80% in planning time. Maximize your fleet capacity and scale your delivery operations.

  • Driver & vehicle managementManage your drivers and vehicles with a single platform that combines all the specifications, availabilities and constraints.   
  • Order & route managementDefine delivery or collection requirements. Set up your routing settings and optimisation preferences. 
  • AI-based route planningEliminate the pain of manual scheduling. Plan the most efficient routes in minutes and get the best out of your available resources.   
  • Real-time route modification Add last minute orders, adjust routes or re-optimize to reflect manual changes. 
  • Dispatcher-friendly Tools Make life easy for dispatchers and operational route planning hassle-free. 
  • Analytics and reports Monitor key metrics and gain valuable insights with the analytics platform and reporting tools. 
  • File import & exports Get a jump start: upload your own data files and start scheduling like a pro asap. Easily export the optimized schedules and job feedback.
  • Open API for developers Easily sync your systems with Movetex Deliveries. An easy-to-use API allows end-to-end integration with any business platform.
  • Out of the box integrations Activate our pre-built tools and complete the experience. These integrations in our standard product are still growing daily.

Mobile Driver App

Provide your drivers with all the necessary information and tools in our mobile driver app to deliver efficiently. Give back office overview with live tracking and real-time feedback from your drivers.

  • Streamlined execution Keep drivers and back office connected. Instantly send routes and updates on the devices they prefer.
  • Driver's Digital Office Navigation, checklists, contact information and delivery details make it easier for your drivers to do their job.  
  • Paperless Data Capturing Capture e-signatures and all other field data you need. Sync to your back office instantly and avoid waiting for cumbersome paperwork.  
  • Live Tracking Dispatchers always know where your drivers are and can track their progress in real time, so they can preempt challenges before they occur.  
  • Last Minute Changes Planners and dispatchers can make last minute changes, immediately visible in the drivers' app.   
  • Proof of Delivery Automatically generate and send a delivery summary with all details after the job is done and prevent customer inquiries.  

Customer Portal

Drive customer satisfaction by updating them all along the way. Automated communication, customer portal, track-and-trace, proof of delivery,… it's all there. Because happy clients are loyal clients.

  • Customer notifications Send automatic SMS and email notifications. Inform your clients about ETAs and let them know when you’re on the way.
  • Live tracking Never let customers wait for you by sending them a link to track the drivers' location and progress in real time.
  • Proof of delivery Automatically send delivery summaries to customers when the delivery is completed to reduce incoming customer queries.
  • Direct messaging Drivers and dispatchers easily get important information from your customer through the messaging function in the customer portal.
  • Customer feedback Engage with customers by letting them give feedback and ratings about their deliveries to your drivers or back office.
  • Tailor-made customer portal You choose the functionalities. Customise your portal to your company’s look and feel so you can provide a stellar customer experience. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try Movetex software before I buy it?

    For us, every client has its unique set of features. That's why we don't offer a standardised free trial of our software. However, if you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us so we can explain why our solutions will surely help your specific business too.

  • What do I have to pay to use Movetex?

    We work with a one-time implementation cost and then charge a license per month per resource we schedule. Be sure to check out our Pricing page for more info on this.

  • Is your company too big or too small for our software?

    Size doesn't matter. We look at the complexity of the planning process to be solved rather than the size of the company. To keep it transparent, you pay licenses per resource.

  • Is the Movetex software future-proof?

    Movetex takes care of your updates. You won't notice a thing. We continuously update our software which makes us very flexible and able to respond to market trends or specific customer requests.

  • Can Movetex software be customized?

    Yes, we provide custom development. We are happy to think along with you about extra or custom screens or functionalities and develop these if required.

  • Does Movetex offer support for its software?

    Of course! Our Movetex support team is always ready to help. We are aware of how important planning is for the daily operations of your company. So we offer technical and functional support whenever you need it. Our current customers praise our support and we want to keep it that way. We also offer on-site training or via video call. To optimize our training programs for the future, we are currently working on online courses that will soon be available.

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Movetex's software reduces your back office's scheduling time, helps you schedule more jobs for your field service and reduces their driving time and mileage.

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Kevin Diepenhorst

“Movetex's 'mobile driver app' provides live tracking and real-time feedback from our team on the job. Thus, our planners and back-office permanently maintain an optimal overview.”

Kevin DiepenhorstPlanning - Van den Noort

Luk Loeters

“Our customers are continuously kept informed with regards to their delivery. Thanks to the automatically sent 'proof of delivery', the number of incoming customer calls was greatly reduced.”

Luk LoetersGeneral Manager - Elektro Loeters

Dirk Bomans

“Movetex's software ensures efficient and logical planning every time. Our route planning now takes 30min where with the former package we sometimes needed several hours.”

Dirk BomansPlant Manager Transport & Logistiek - FenekO