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Why laboratories win 3 times when using planning software.

09-03-2023 6 min readtime
Why laboratories win 3 times when using planning software.

Laboratories come in many shapes and sizes. From independent, smaller institutes specialised in a specific niche to large, international players with a wide range of services. And although this landscape is extremely diverse, most labs – regardless of their size – have one common denominator. Almost all of them have staff on the road. Employees with a very specific job description and interpretation. To name the most important:

  • Sample takers: 

    They operate as a service and execute and/or analyse one or more samples which requires a specific set of skills. The correct qualifications must therefore be linked to the specific sample taking.

  • Sample collectors: 

    They are more situated in the field of 'pick-up and delivery'. These employees visit customers to collect samples already taken and deliver them to the lab as quickly and efficiently as possible. And, if desired, return them to the customer after analysis.

Unfortunately, scheduling these employees is still (too) often done in an inefficient, manual way. This is not only time-consuming, it is also very expensive. And that in a sector where reliability and precision are of crucial importance.

Automated flows and planning processes offer a solution. More and more labs are therefore making their digital transformation a priority. A smart choice, because the gap with stragglers will undoubtedly only increase in the future.

Planning software ensures that labs win three times:

  1. Their processes are simplified thanks to AI-based route planning. 

    Forget about spreadsheets or planning boards. With smart software you can instantly link the right sample takers to the nearest assignments, based on the skills of each employee. And your collectors immediately get the most optimal routes on their screen, of course taking into account the customer's optimal time windows.

  2. The efficiency of their field team gets a boost thanks to the digital office. 

    Sample takers or drivers have all the important information at hand in real life on their mobile app. Navigation, checklists, contact information, requirements, job specifications, notes,… it's all digitally available.

  3. Their customer satisfaction and -loyalty increases thanks to the customer portal. 

    There is nothing more annoying for a customer than poor communication. That is why the customer portal provides streamlined messages via SMS or e-mail. Your customers receive automated updates of ETAs before collection or sampling. This way you keep all stakeholders 'in the loop' at all times.

Movetex , your powerful software tool for automated field services and deliveries

Being successful in field service (sample takers) or deliveries (sample collectors) requires a strong tool that meets all the requirements of your team and customer. A solution that offers them an efficient answer, even before they run into a problem.

Ready to get started with automated planning software? Or to make the switch? We can help you make this transition go quickly and smoothly. Contact us, or simply schedule your free demo. No strings attached.