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How ECCA saves 19% in transport costs daily with Movetex Deliveries.

Laboratorium ECCA, founded in 1980, is a Belgian family business that has become one of the largest independent laboratories in the country. ECCA strives for the highest scientific level in their food, feed and environmental analyses. However, simply reporting analysis results is not in their DNA. Their slogan is "More than a lab" for a reason.

With more than 130 employees, they work daily to keep their promise: to offer the best service to their customers. They offer tailor-made solutions that go far beyond just laboratory tests. They interpret the results and provide advice, but they also offer their customers a range of additional services, including their own transport service for collecting and delivering samples.

This service-oriented nature of ECCA also brings challenges, particularly for the planning of their transport service. Discover in this customer case how ECCA uses Movetex software to find a daily efficient solution for this challenging planning.

And with Movetex Deliveries, ECCA takes another step towards digitizing their processes. Drivers have all the information they need with the Mobile App and provide real-time feedback. Internal reports and communication with customers have also been fully digitized and automated.

Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​

“We chose Movetex because of their approach. The guidance we received during setup was excellent. And even now, they remain very accessible for support.Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​


ECCA collects samples from an average of 70 customers spread across Flanders daily, using its own transport service. The company maintains its strong service-oriented approach by providing some customers with very narrow time windows for pickup and ensuring that a large number of samples are in the lab at specific hours so that the results can be communicated to the customer in a timely manner. ECCA approached Movetex with the following challenges:

  • Meeting all the requirements for planning was extremely difficult. The initial attempt was made using outdated route planning software, which proved to be insufficient. Afterwards, three experienced colleagues continued to work on it. Additionally, the planners manually handled many last-minute adjustments, which was a very time-consuming process.
  • ECCA has seven internal drivers, which was insufficient to handle the daily pickups. The company can call upon a maximum of three external drivers, who are more expensive, to assist.
  • The drivers received their itinerary on paper, and then filled in important feedback, which was relayed to the lab via the back office.
  • Customers were not informed of arrival times, nor were they given confirmation that the pickup had occurred.

Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager at ECCA, explains why the company chose Movetex's software: “We explored the market of route planning software and had discussions with various providers. It was Movetex's approach that convinced us. They first demonstrated what results they could achieve with our own data using a Proof of Concept. It became clear that they not only provide software, but also have expertise in planning.”

“The guidance from Movetex during the startup was excellent. They conducted a very thorough analysis of our planning, involved our planners, and addressed their concerns. The team customized everything and didn't leave us until we went live,” says Tineke Desmet.

There was another reason why ECCA chose to work with Movetex. Tineke Desmet explains: “In addition to our own pickup service, we also plan around thirty samplers and asbestos experts on location daily. These are not day plans like sample pickups. It is a continuous and dynamic planning process where agreements with customers are very important. Movetex also has solutions for these types of planning, which means that our planners can work with a single planning software in the future. We therefore saw them as a partner for our further growth.”

Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​

“Movetex demonstrated with a Proof of Concept beforehand what results they could achieve. And they have delivered on this.”Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​


ECCA uses the Movetex Deliveries platform for the entire process: 

  • With the press of a button, the most efficient route planning is calculated, taking into account customers' narrow time windows, drivers' working hours, higher costs of external drivers, required refrigerated vehicles, stops at ECCA, and much more.
  • The drivers have a digital trip sheet with the Mobile App and navigate smoothly to all their stops. They fill in customized feedback forms, collect signatures, and take photos if necessary. The back office can track their progress in real-time and provide digital reports to the lab with important information about the samples.
  • Customers receive the arrival time in advance via email and a reminder one hour before the actual pickup, based on the driver's location. Afterwards, they automatically receive a PDF with proof of pickup. Communication is fully in the look & feel of ECCA for an optimal customer experience.
Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​

Tineke Desmet, Customer Operations Manager, LABO ECCA​


Thanks to Movetex Deliveries, ECCA has been able to reduce transportation costs by 19%. The biggest savings come from the reduced need for external drivers. Previously, on some days, up to three additional external drivers were required to complete pickups. With Movetex Deliveries, ECCA only occasionally relies on a single external driver.

The back office now also spends much less time solving the complex puzzle. Drivers and laboratory technicians work 100% digitally, reducing the time they spend on administration.

Tineke Desmet sees an additional advantage: "Customers no longer call with a question about the pickup of their samples, and the Proof of Delivery eliminates any disputes." This automatic communication was warmly welcomed by ECCA's customers, who are even more committed to service and customer experience.

"We have been able to digitize and optimize the entire process of planning, execution, and communication with the customer. The software is user-friendly, and everything runs very smoothly. But even if we still encounter something now, the Movetex team is very accessible for support. Movetex has met our expectations, and everything is now much more efficient," says Tineke Desmet.